21 January 2009

Westminster Abbey on a Sunday

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Westminster Abbey is the magnificent national church of England, described as "part national church, part national museum" and the resting place of personages as illustrious as Isaac Newton and Elizabeth I. It is also the meeting place and namesake of some of the most noted confessions of Reformed Christian belief. But today, for us, it was mostly a place to worship with a group of believers somewhat different from ourselves.

Some of us have worshiped in Roman Catholic and/or Orthodox contexts and found the Anglican service to be mostly familiar. Others reported that they found the service to be a new experience, and there were some awkward moments during communion when some of us weren't sure what to do. But it was good to worship in new surroundings. Most of us intend to return to the Abbey in two weeks or so for a tour. On the way out, we filed past the monuments of Isaac Newton and Charles Lyell, and some noticed that we walked over the grave of Charles Darwin.
Calvin students outside Westminster Abbey in London.

Tomorrow: the British Museum.

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